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WorK Party reports

20th October 2019

8 hardy souls worked in the valley on 20th October. The weather was kind with a clear blue sky. We cleared nettles in an area around the gates between Rainbow and Roys Meadow and adjacent to the stream. Working north along the valley, the area at Little Ivy was also cleared of nettles and brambles. All cleared material was heaped at several positions, these should provide a short term habitat for wildlife.  Nettles whilst not a bad plant to have do sometimes overpower an area. By regular cutting and consumption by sheep, we aim to manage the nettles along the valley.

The litter 'hidden' in the undergrowth was also removed.

15th September 2019

13 people turned up for LAA's monthly work party on Sunday 15th September. We cleared the bank side and an area near the stream in Rainbow Meadow. It is planned to keep that particular area relatively short and clear to provide a more people and dog-friendly place thus taking the pressure off the rest of the stream bank. It may have the added benefit of allowing more "short grass" wild flowers and plants to grow. The cuttings have been stacked and when wilted will be used as a high-nitrogen mulch for some of the trees and the thicket and woodland areas. We also cut the verges in Kirkdale and cut back the vegetation alongside the vehicle track and the Ride footpath. Thanks to all the volunteers and the refreshment providers. Warm work on a warm morning!

P.S. We had the added pleasure of seeing 5 Buzzards circling over the valley and having mini "dog fights

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