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WoodLand Management plan 

The following is a summary of the Woodland Management Plan submitted to the Forestry Commission.

The plan demonstrates that LAA has a cohesive approach for the woodland. This has been accepted by the Forestry Commission, and issued a felling licence. 

Key Objectives:-


Regenerate the wood

Make a home for wildlife

Let the light in

Maintain the wood as a resource for all


Our woodland has become mature and in need of attention. The reasons for our 10 year woodland plan are:-

  • To maintain the safety of users of the valley, and the amenity value of the woodland
  • To let light in, creating a patchwork or layered habitat for biodiversity
  • To regenerate the woodland as well as increasing the mix of tree species, and protect its status as Natural English Woodland.
  • To make the woodland more wildlife friendly
  • Preparing the woodland for the future (global warming and new diseases)

With ash dieback and the age of some of our trees, we have a duty to remove some to ensure people are safe and that the access to the woodland remains open.

We also plan thinning of some areas and creation of glades within the wood.  This does not mean however that we will be clearing the woodland; on the contrary we will be opening the woodland canopy in stages to create opportunities for new woodland species, as well as for scrub and smaller plants.  This in turn will provide habitat and food for more wildlife.  We will be planting into some of the gaps we create, so that over time the wood will re-establish itself and become mature again.

We want to involve the community as much as possible, and would welcome more volunteers to help with the work.

Woodland Management Plan prepared by

Silva Woodland Management Ltd. 29th March 2019

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