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Our team 

Loose Amenities Association is run by volunteers.  An executive committee, elected by members of the association, meets once a month to discuss and organise events, manage finances and deal with issues as they arise.  We also have three sub-committees, Land Management, which is responsible for the care and day to day management of the valley land we own, and Heritage and Environment , which cares for the natural and built environment of the Loose Valley Conservation Area and deals with planning issues and the Events Sub-Committee, which organises the smooth running of the individual events.



Our 2021 Team 


Executive committee:-


Chair:  Terry Davis

Vice chair: vacant

Treasurer:  Reg Langford

Secretary:  Sarah Hook


June Irons,  John Killington, John Brighton, Reg Langford, Ian Greenfield


Land management sub-committee:

June Irons, Pip Terry, Ian Greenfield, John Brighton, Noel Clark, John Williams


Heritage and environment sub-committee:



Events sub-committee:

Viv Davis,  Ian Greenfield, Julie Holmes, John Killington, Reg Langford,  Sue Russell, Claire Tappenden.

Membership secretary: Vacant

Registered office:


Loose Amenities Association,

Church Street,
Loose, Maidstone,

ME15 0BX

General enquiries: 01622 743676
E-mail: info@loose-amenities.org.uk



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