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Loose Amenities Association

Our team 

Loose Amenities Association is run by volunteers.  An executive committee, elected by members of the Association, meets once a month to discuss and organise events, manage finances and deal with issues as they arise.  We also have three sub-committees:

  • Land Management: Responsible for the care and day to day management of the valley land we own
  • Heritage and Environment: Cares for the natural and built environment of the Loose Valley Conservation Area and deals with planning issues
  • Governance and Funding:  1) Ensures that LAA meets all requirements of a UK registered charity, and 2) Applies to grant funding bodies for LAA projects.

Individual events are managed by different teams of volunteers.  If there is something you are interested in helping organise, please let us know at events@loose-amenities.org.uk  



Our 2023 Team 


Executive committee:-


Chair:  Terry Davis

Vice chair: Ian Greenfield

Treasurer:  Nicola McAuley

Secretary Catherine Kenny

John Killington, John Brighton, Jane Butler, Diane White, Kate Wright, Sarah Harden


Land management sub-committee:

Ian Greenfield, John Brighton, Noel Clark, John Williams, Alan Baker


Heritage and environment sub-committee:

David Scrivener, Graham Makey, Charlotte Holt, Sarah Stevens, Sam Hall, Catherine Kenny


Governance and Funding sub-committee:

John Killington, Catherine Kenny, Nick Murton


Membership secretary: Jane Butler

Registered office:


Loose Amenities Association,

Church Street,
Loose, Maidstone,

ME15 0BX

General enquiries: 01622 743676
E-mail: info@loose-amenities.org.uk



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